Don't miss out on our Limited Time Franchise Growth Programs, tailor made to assist those getting in on the ground floor of the Discover CBD franchising opportunity. Incentives can include drastically reduced costs for opening a store and vary depending on when it is that you inquire. Please contact our Franchise Development Team today to find out more about these exciting programs!

Work alongside teams of professionals whose job is to ensure your success. At Discover CBD we have a franchise support team for every aspect of opening your new business. This process starts with a real estate team to assist you with finding a location and negotiating the terms of a lease, followed by a marketing and construction team to help drive local traffic and construct a breath taking store respectively. Lastly, our operations team will train you and your staff on every facet necessary in operating your new business. With Discover CBD, you never have to feel like you are in it alone!



You’re already here! Thank you very much for your interest in Discover CBD. A bright future awaits you!


A Franchise Sales Director will be in touch to walk you through our concept and answer any questions you might have.


We ask all potential franchise candidates to fill out an income verification form and background check.


Upon your application being approved, you will submit the franchise fee and become part of our growing team!



No experience required. Our proven business model along with the unparalleled support from our team will set you up for success.

Franchise Fee

$30,000 for a single unit, for multiple units please inquire with a Franchise Director for the latest incentive programs.

Inventory Cost

$15,000 for a full batch of inventory.

Store Build Cost

$10,000 - $100,000 - Varies with store size and renovations needed.

Operational Cost

$5,000 - $10,000

Total Investment Range

$60,000 - $155,000


5% of gross sales.

Marketing Cost

1% of gross sales for a nationwide corporate marketing fund

Average Unit Size

800 sqft - 1,200 sqft



  • Miami

  • New York

  • Dallas

  • Los Angeles

  • Chicago

  • San Diego

  • San Francisco

  • Houston

  • New Jersey

  • Pompano Beach

  • Denver


This aids me more than the 'legalized marijuana' I am able to purchase in this state. Unfortunately it is only legal to purchase as a 'bud' in this state, so it is quite difficult to recieve a high amount of cbd, and must be smoked or used in another way to alternate. Plus it is so expensive, there is almost no point when just in search for cbd for my health situations. This liquid has greatly aided for my epilepsy and other health situations. I cannot thank enough for this pure ability to do so!

— Joseph S.


What Are The Benefits Of Opening A Franchise?

The benefits include, but are not limited to, corporate assistance with securing a location, securing an architect, modern store design prototype, project and construction management assistance, and more. Additionally, at Discover CBD we produce our own product which provides prospective business owners with stable costs and pre-calculated product margins. We also assist with hiring personnel, advertising, operations, training, reviewing your business and market introduction plans, and most importantly, we provide onsite support with any of the aforementioned services putting you in contact with professionals whose purpose it is to ensure your success.

How Much Liquid Capital Is Required to Start a Discover CBD Franchise?

Typically, the minimum amount of Liquid Capital required is $30,000 which covers the franchise license. From there prospective franchise owners should be prepared with another $15,000 - $30,000 to cover the initial inventory cost (depending on the store’s size). The total initial investment we look for is somewhere between $60,000 - $155,000.

Which State/Areas Are Avaliable for Franchising?

We are currently seeking qualified franchisees in all 50 states as well as internationally. We cannot make franchise offerings in States where our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) has yet to be approved by the state legislation, to find out more in depth information please discuss this with a Franchise Sales Director.

What Other Fees/Royalties Are Associated with Opening a Discover CBD Franchise?

Discover CBD charges the following Royalty's and Fees: Our Royalty is 5% of Gross Sales, and additionally we also charge 1% of Gross Sales to cover a Marketing Fund Contribution which ultimately benefits all stores.

What Sort of Profit Do Your Stores Produce?

Due to Franchising Laws, it is illegal to make any statements concerning earnings claims. However, our business model has our franchisee’s best interest in mind and has been set up in such a way as to ensure the highest possible margins on our products.

Where Can I Find Discover CBD Stores?

We have currently opened up 9 stores in Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, and in Colorado with many more currently in development, both across the United States and Internationally.

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This is not a franchise offering. A franchise offering can be made by us only in a state if we are first registered, excluded, exempted or otherwise qualified to offer franchises in that state, and only if we provide you with an appropriate franchise disclosure document. Follow-up or individualized responses to you that involve either effecting or attempting to effect the sale of a franchise will be made only if we are first in compliance with state registration requirements, or are covered by an applicable state exclusion or exemption.